How To Invest

Invest With Us

Sleeping Giant Stables, LLC will purchase a race horse, add on all costs associated with the purchase, including bloodstock agent fees, veterinarian costs and other costs for evaluating the horse pre-purchase, shipping costs, an estimate of the expenses projected to ready the horse to race (up to a limit of four months), and other costs such as naming fees, and calculate an offering price.

All of the additional costs will be disclosed before purchase. Sleeping Giant will post a price per 1%, and an investor can purchase any percentage from 3% to 20%. You will have the added cost of obtaining an owner’s license from the State of New York, but Sleeping Giant LLC will guide you through that (relatively) painless process.

If a horse begins its racing career before all available shares have been sold at the initial offering price,  Sleeping Giant in its sole discretion may adjust the offering price to reflect actual market value.

How To Invest

Contact Sleeping Giant LLC through this website, by phone or by text to receive all sale-related information including a pedigree sheet and the above-described costs, as well as the standard operating agreement. Sleeping Giant Stables strongly urges each investor to review the operating agreement before signing, and to ask every question one has before deciding. Sleeping Giant LLC will also arrange for any potential investor to view the horse before a decision.

Special Risks

The business of the Company is the ownership of Thoroughbred racehorse(s) with the intention of maintaining, developing, racing, campaigning and or selling such racehorses, and this activity is a HIGHLY SPECULATIVE and EXTREMELY RISKY activity. There exists a HIGH POSSIBILITY that a Member in the Company may LOSE A PORTION OF OR ALL OF HIS OR HER INVESTMENT IN THE COMPANY. Further, the Company may fail to meet all of its goals and objectives. It is impossible to predict the performance of Thoroughbred racehorses in any way whatsoever. A horse acquired by the Company may earn no money, become ill, die or otherwise be a complete or partial failure. There are NO GUARANTEES, and it is possible that a MEMBER’S ENTIRE INTEREST MAY BE LOST.