As a partner you will become a licensed owner with the New York Racing Association. As an owner, you have access to the backstretch where the horses are stabled. You can meet the training crew, and more importantly,  your horse. (Bring carrots)  You will have free parking and admission to the track even when your horse isn’t running and full access to the paddock when your horse races. You may also find yourself in the winner’s circle smiling for a win photo.

Between training fees, veterinarian costs, and costs for shipping, the annual costs can reach $40,000. 

No one can guarantee how quickly a horse will be ready to race. Our plan is to select horses and a training approach that will best suit the ongoing development of our horses. The sooner a horse gets to the races the sooner it has an opportunity to produce earnings, but we balance that fact against the needs of the horse; many horses are rushed to race and may even win as a two-year old, but then suffer some sort of injury and never reach their true potential. Once ready, a sound horse can race every three or four weeks for a number of months.

Training and other expenses will be billed monthly. Once the horse begins to race, hopefully the horse will pay for itself. Any purse earnings will be used to offset expenses. We will provide a monthly accounting of the expenses, and the purse money won.

We will race in New York unless one of our horses develops into a stakes-quality horse. If you are interested in investing, and live a significant distance from New York, you may want to consider other options. We believe quite strongly that access to the horse – at the stable, on the farm – and contact with the many professionals that train and care for the horse greatly enhance the ownership experience.

By text, email, web postings and social media, we will communicate with every partner every time there are any developments with any horse. For race days, we will reach out to ensure that every partner knows all the details about the race (including our opinion on the race itself.)

Please do. Let us know how many, and we will make whatever arrangements are necessary.

Every quarter, we will evaluate whether a horse has earned enough purse money to pay the anticipated costs for the rest of the calendar year. We will distribute the surplus.

Monthly reports and an invoice if retained purse money is not expected to cover expenses. Before March 15 of any calendar year you will receive a K-1 statement for your tax return.

Go to “Contact Us” on the website and e-mail or call us. We will review any questions and discuss the process with you. 

a) Which will be made available to all potential investors. The Company will be managed pursuant to an operating agreement. The Managing Member will receive compensation as contained in the operating agreement. Prospective Members are encouraged to have the operating agreement reviewed by an attorney prior to subscribing as a Member. 

b) The owning, maintaining, selling, registering and racing of Thoroughbred is highly regulated, and is governed by applicable State statute, rules and regulations of the Racing Board or Commission in a respective jurisdiction, as well as the Rules and Regulations of The Jockey Club to the extent not preempted by state or federal law. All Members must obtain and maintain licenses in the jurisdictions where the horse is to race at their own cost and expense.

c) Investment in the Company may have tax consequences. Each Member is strongly urged to consult a tax advisor for a detailed explanation of all tax issues prior to execution of this Agreement.